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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another Holiday.. Another Apology

So, we've come full circle from 2 posts ago >.< I know i keep apologizing for our absences :( but i really am sorry. Time is a fleeting thing, filled with the craziness of being on the run constantly and trying to stay alive. Woopie.

Anyways~ it was THANKSGIVING a few days ago! :D WOOOOO! i hope everyone had a fun safe holiday, I know we did! Well up until something vital happened that destroyed our lovely dinner D< i hate those fat ugly things with their damn silver bullets.. ugh.. but I'll rant on that later n hopefully post the situation next :). It's hard trying to get back into the swing of things ye know? Alex has been busy making map routes for our next destination.. good thing we both have photographic memories so we can burn the pages later. (don't want the hunters finding them by accident do we?)

It's been sooooo long since I've heard from anyone on here.. :[ i really do feel horrible. I'm not sure what to talk about honestly, I miss all of you, and all of our old blogging friends! Ive seen how many of you have left, n it feels like we were the glue keeping everyone together before our leave.

Ylvia got a hamster. I kid you not >.>

We're on the RUN.. for our LIVES.. and she got us a HAMSTER >.<

That just tells you the mind of an child though.. :'D gabriel was thoroughly upset, and i had to intervene before he exploded out of his clothes again.. (note to all: skyrocketing emotions = spontaneous shifting, i'm pretty sure that goes for all werewolves, americans included :[ miss robert) James wanted to cook the Hamster, with his sight now back intact it's been harder to keep him from lighting fire to the city; let alone a harmless rodent. Never the less, he followed my orders not to touch the poor thing! or harm it in any way shape or form! including by "accident"-- Lyall called him whipped n they had a sword fight with newspaper rolls.

Now I'm laying in bed, we've inhabited a shack close to the Canadian border.. I love the weather this time of year ;)

anyways i hope to see you all soon! and if i don't return for another year, i will probably once again apologize.. because that's how i do things. Be good, stay safe, help the earth~ help the forests to conceal packs like ours ;).

Love always!

Your favorite pack member,

Aurora :3 :] ;D ^^ ~ ;3

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Whoa Man, Whoa.

It has been SO long since i've been in here. I'm sorry to our viewers and fellow bloggers about Alex and I's absence... I promised that i'd be on here more often and i broke it. So i'm SOOOO sorry :(.

Lately things have been getting kind of crazy. (when aren't they though XD). I tried to enroll some of the pack into school to make us seem atleast a little more i dunno.. human? It's a LOT harder then you would think. It's like as if you guys where trying to be fish. Glub Glub right? I guess you could say its a bit easier then trying to be a fish, seeing as we look just like you and everything. When we aren't taking on our other forms.

School is rapidly ending though, we've only got a few weeks before graduation and then summer. So thankfully we don't have to be here much longer; sitting in a desk for 6 hours is definitely not our versison of fun. Nor is it for anyone I guess.

It's frightening to think that it's been this long since my last post. Fricken Thanksgiving? :'D seriously? and of 2010 no less! ITS BEEN 2 YEARS D:

I just had my birthday recently ;D April 27th! I am officially 17! for the hundreth time lol. It never gets old though. Alex will be 17 in September. Oh lordie, when that happens :'D. Hold her back darn it. Cause we all know that Gabriel will be her target for destruction. (ye know i wish this place had a spellchecking thingy... reading over my post is like if a time bomb went off in a preschool :| ).

We got a new laptop, Zeeve has been using it for videogames and his new obsession with World of Warcraft. Honestly, I used to love it (and i still do) but I found out how distracted i get when playing it. And abscent minded. And i can't act like that when we're on the run constantly.

Lyall fractured his ribs when we were ambushed by three hunters last June. It was aweful, he couldn't shift or anything for about a week. And you have NO idea how horrible that is for a Loup Garou.. It's like being stuck in a box with your hands tied together and an irritating itch in the center of your back.

We heal very very rapidly unlike humans, I'm just glad it wasn't something more vital, like a leg. >_< He would have had to wait nearly as long as an average person.

If it weren't for James' pro nurse skills (hehe nurse, Nurse James- OW he just whacked me with a newspaper >.>) we would have had to go to a hospital. Which, if you hadn't noticed.. Is a very very VERY bad idea. Different blood types, species, ye know. :| And you best believe that there are hunters hidden in hospitals.. They will cut your tubes when your nibbling on your jello cup man!

That's why our species has our own doctors and nurses ehehehe >:D OW. >:| But where we were at at the time was too far for travel. Especially on human legs.

Anyways i'll probably be back later (or in the next few minutes) to discuss my irritation about the ADVERTISEMENTS that i found in our comments box? helloOOoo? this isn't a place for them D:<.

Be safe, Have fun, and don't let the hunters find you ;).

Your Neighborhood Pack Pal,
Aurora ;) :3 <3 ;D 8D >:D >:]

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!! :D

:( Sad panda!!! i have strep throat!!, highly contagious and I'm not aloud to give kisses to anyone v_v not even James..

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving though!!! and if it takes me all the gloves and protective gear in the world-- i will totally make that huge turkey dammit!! Sick or Not!!:)

So what are you guys doin for thanksgiving? :o Tell meh! I wanna knooww!!!

We're probably gonna visit family or something or our neighbors or maybe the hunters that are living next door ^^-- give them a nice pie.. to the face :D.

Annnyywaysss--- I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving-- its the one day where you get to be fat and happy and everyone in the pack absolutely LOVES that :D!!! I KNOW I DOOOO!! ;)

I promise i will try to post more often! it's just hard cause of all the busy-ness. :c.

So Nighty Night guys!! I'm gonna go and head off to bed :3. Peace!

Love you alll!!! --

Aurora the Sick :c :) x] xD ;3 ;D :3 ^^

Thursday, August 26, 2010

>:} ello

Hey guys-

I know i havent been in contact with ya'll for a long time, but its been hard when we are on the run all the time and trying to find a computer to post on (Gabriel BROKE our laptop. I swear I'm gonna keel him >.>). Its been a few months since our last post and I'm real sorry bout that :3.

People of our blogging world have departed and left but WE ARE STILL HERE :) just not HERE all the time lol.

Currently we are residing in East BridgeWater, Massachusetts and have found quite a few of my relatives here. Including my Aunt Karen, Cousins: Johnny, Andrew, Lauren and Olivia Alger (all bros and sisters of eachother). Then a bunch others that is hard to name x].

We are living in my Aunt Karen's house. (It's huge enough to fit all of us ;D) and will be going back to AZ/Pinetop on Saturday.


click here o_o

Chinchilla with an awesome hat :)

I'll post a story about what happened to make us come to Boston later :]


~Aurora :) x] ;D :O :3 ;3 >:} >:]

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I felt the need to be a sheep after hearing, 'a wolf in sheep's clothing' or whatever.

Random Fact: When a penguin finds it's mate, they stay together for the rest of their lives?

Mind. Blown.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dont Run, Dont Hide, It Will Be Alright

As seen in the title above, I've decided Imma write one of our adventures. It isn't much, but hey, life isn't so good for everyone (If you can guess where the title is from, without Google, than you'll be one of my favorites).


Sitting on the balcony overlooking the French Quarter, I leaned on my elbows, enjoying the scenery of New Orleans. The area we were in looked almost exactly like the New Orleans Square in Disneyland, except there were clothes lines everywhere. This was a tightnit area, and everyone seemed to know everyone... except for me and the rest of the pack. Well, they knew Gabriel, he seemed to know everyone, which of course I was the only one who found that a bit weird.

"Hey Alex?" I heard Lyall say, walking out onto the balcony and standing next to me, "How do you know if you love someone?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Lyall, your a bit young to know about love."

"I know, I know, but.... how do you know?" I tapped my chin. This was a tough question. Lyall added on, "I mean, love is wonderful, but what happens when your parents dont love eachother? Like... like with my family." I frowned, knowing that Lyall was a deep kid, but I didn't know that deep.

"Well L, if you ever have a problem, you come to me, ok?"

"Gabe says that if I have a problem go to Aurora, cause apparently you have issues with love." I growled,and could hear Gabriel laughing from the kitchen, then walking out onto the balcony, he told Lyall,

"Go inside L, my turn to talk to Alex." Lyall did as told, and closed the door behind him, and Gabriel trapped me between the metal and him, an arm on each side of me. "So pup, like Orleans? Maybe I oughta keep you hear, that way you'll stay out of my stuff." Resisting the urge to tear through the metal balcony (which isn't hard with claws), I replied,

"I have no idea what your talking about." He smirked, and moved so he was leaning against the balcony railing, his back to the scenery. He shook his head a little, chuckling. Normally you dont hide anything from your fellow alpha. I dont think this was the same with Gabriel and I. For one, we had never actually 'mated' (I honestly find that thought gross, since unlike you meat people, I do not go crazy for him), and two... it just felt like he was hiding things from me.

"So pup, what makes you think your gonna find out what's so important in the parlor, if there's nothing of importance there?"

"Your trying to trick me."

"Am I?" He replied cooly, "Alexandria I assure you, there is nothing wrong. We could all stay in New Orleans, no hunters are here."

"Think again Sherlock," I replied, nonchalantly pointing downwards, where a couple of men were walking around, 'looking' at the scenery. Gabriel cursed, and we headed inside. "Oh, and Gabriel," he looked over, and I told him, challengingly, "Anything you can do, I can do better. Oh, and if they aren't gone soon, Aurora and I are gonna hurt you." He chuckled, and went back outside.


And that's it. Not extravagant, no drop kicking some boy to oblivion (though I wonder if I could do that), and Gabriel hasn't sold me to Vamps yet. Yep. My Life is Average.

-Alex! The Wolf... it doesn't have a ring to it like Alex the Lion

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy Busy Oh So Busy

Ellos. Trying to stay alive, but, well, everythings so busy these days. I've got drawing classes every wednsday (I hate spelling that word, so forgive if it's wrong) so now Gabriel is all mad cause im becoming a kick butt drawer! I'll try and can things that i've drawn. Gabriel also made the place look modern o.O.... I worry about him now. For the longest time he was like, NO ONE CHANGES THE HOUSE! well, not so much of a change I guess, he just finally got us a tv XD no more Hulu for me. Anyhoo, loves you people. *hugs*

Alex! the Lion! RAWR! *giggle* wish I was a lion now