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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another Holiday.. Another Apology

So, we've come full circle from 2 posts ago >.< I know i keep apologizing for our absences :( but i really am sorry. Time is a fleeting thing, filled with the craziness of being on the run constantly and trying to stay alive. Woopie.

Anyways~ it was THANKSGIVING a few days ago! :D WOOOOO! i hope everyone had a fun safe holiday, I know we did! Well up until something vital happened that destroyed our lovely dinner D< i hate those fat ugly things with their damn silver bullets.. ugh.. but I'll rant on that later n hopefully post the situation next :). It's hard trying to get back into the swing of things ye know? Alex has been busy making map routes for our next destination.. good thing we both have photographic memories so we can burn the pages later. (don't want the hunters finding them by accident do we?)

It's been sooooo long since I've heard from anyone on here.. :[ i really do feel horrible. I'm not sure what to talk about honestly, I miss all of you, and all of our old blogging friends! Ive seen how many of you have left, n it feels like we were the glue keeping everyone together before our leave.

Ylvia got a hamster. I kid you not >.>

We're on the RUN.. for our LIVES.. and she got us a HAMSTER >.<

That just tells you the mind of an child though.. :'D gabriel was thoroughly upset, and i had to intervene before he exploded out of his clothes again.. (note to all: skyrocketing emotions = spontaneous shifting, i'm pretty sure that goes for all werewolves, americans included :[ miss robert) James wanted to cook the Hamster, with his sight now back intact it's been harder to keep him from lighting fire to the city; let alone a harmless rodent. Never the less, he followed my orders not to touch the poor thing! or harm it in any way shape or form! including by "accident"-- Lyall called him whipped n they had a sword fight with newspaper rolls.

Now I'm laying in bed, we've inhabited a shack close to the Canadian border.. I love the weather this time of year ;)

anyways i hope to see you all soon! and if i don't return for another year, i will probably once again apologize.. because that's how i do things. Be good, stay safe, help the earth~ help the forests to conceal packs like ours ;).

Love always!

Your favorite pack member,

Aurora :3 :] ;D ^^ ~ ;3