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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy Busy Oh So Busy

Ellos. Trying to stay alive, but, well, everythings so busy these days. I've got drawing classes every wednsday (I hate spelling that word, so forgive if it's wrong) so now Gabriel is all mad cause im becoming a kick butt drawer! I'll try and can things that i've drawn. Gabriel also made the place look modern o.O.... I worry about him now. For the longest time he was like, NO ONE CHANGES THE HOUSE! well, not so much of a change I guess, he just finally got us a tv XD no more Hulu for me. Anyhoo, loves you people. *hugs*

Alex! the Lion! RAWR! *giggle* wish I was a lion now


Dark wolf said...

Keep staying alive! :D
Have fun in your drawing classes, congrats on becoming a kick butt drawer! x3


Alexandria said...

*hugs Dark Wolf* thank you! ^^ I finally got the drawing finished, apparently the hair's the best, so lets hope I stay some what good!

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