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Thursday, August 26, 2010

>:} ello

Hey guys-

I know i havent been in contact with ya'll for a long time, but its been hard when we are on the run all the time and trying to find a computer to post on (Gabriel BROKE our laptop. I swear I'm gonna keel him >.>). Its been a few months since our last post and I'm real sorry bout that :3.

People of our blogging world have departed and left but WE ARE STILL HERE :) just not HERE all the time lol.

Currently we are residing in East BridgeWater, Massachusetts and have found quite a few of my relatives here. Including my Aunt Karen, Cousins: Johnny, Andrew, Lauren and Olivia Alger (all bros and sisters of eachother). Then a bunch others that is hard to name x].

We are living in my Aunt Karen's house. (It's huge enough to fit all of us ;D) and will be going back to AZ/Pinetop on Saturday.


click here o_o

Chinchilla with an awesome hat :)

I'll post a story about what happened to make us come to Boston later :]


~Aurora :) x] ;D :O :3 ;3 >:} >:]


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