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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!! :D

:( Sad panda!!! i have strep throat!!, highly contagious and I'm not aloud to give kisses to anyone v_v not even James..

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving though!!! and if it takes me all the gloves and protective gear in the world-- i will totally make that huge turkey dammit!! Sick or Not!!:)

So what are you guys doin for thanksgiving? :o Tell meh! I wanna knooww!!!

We're probably gonna visit family or something or our neighbors or maybe the hunters that are living next door ^^-- give them a nice pie.. to the face :D.

Annnyywaysss--- I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving-- its the one day where you get to be fat and happy and everyone in the pack absolutely LOVES that :D!!! I KNOW I DOOOO!! ;)

I promise i will try to post more often! it's just hard cause of all the busy-ness. :c.

So Nighty Night guys!! I'm gonna go and head off to bed :3. Peace!

Love you alll!!! --

Aurora the Sick :c :) x] xD ;3 ;D :3 ^^


Sonar said...

heyhey =] i hope you feel better by now!!

Moulin Rouge Dancers said...

Hope you feel better soon ;-)

Aurora said...

hehe thanks guys :) im definatly better now xD seeing as it's february. Hope ya'll had a great holiday!

~Aurora x] x) :D ;D :3 "3

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